An I.T company devoted to developing human potential and through this effort, we strive to serve our customer with excellence and values. We adhere to our core values to uphold the interest of our company most especially the interest of all our customers.

We are partnered with leading I.T. brands in the country, not to mention their capacity to deliver and to support our customer needs in terms of quality products and technical services. It is our commitment to provide you the best and most up-to-date I.T. solutions available from computer sales, maintenance, and technical support.


Valued by customers.
Profitable to business stakeholders.
Treasured by employees.
Respected by competitors.
Appreciated by community.


Avasia envisioned to be one of the premier I.T. solutions provider in the country, delivering high quality products, timely service response and result oriented people.


Competence, Collaboration, Compassion, Care for one another